Home Compostable Drinking Straws


Question: Are your compostable  straws made in the USA?

Our KonzaWare home compostable drinking straws are made of a sustainable wood pulp material. The material is made in the USA. The straws are made in North America.

Question: These straws look like regular plastic straws. Are they really home compostable?

Yes, our straws look and feel like the regular plastic straws that you’re already used to. They are sturdy, yet ductile. They don’t crack like other compostable straws. They have no smell or after-taste.

Question: What does a “home compostable straw” mean?

KonzaWare Earth drinking straws are certified OK home COMPOST by TUV AUSTRIA. This certification is referred to as “home compostable”. This means that they are certified to disintegrate in your backyard compost heap within weeks with no remaining microplastics. They contributor to a circular economy where micro-organisms consume the material to create healthy soil for plant life.

Question: Do the compostable drinking straws contain any corn, wheat, gluten or any other food source?

No. All straws are made of allergen-free and PFAS-free.

Question: What are the straw diameters?

Cocktail paper straws are 0.25″ (5.5mm) diameter. Jumbo paper straws are 0.25″ (5.5mm) diameter. Giant smoothie straws are 0.31″ (7mm) diameter.

Question: Do these paper straws hold up in hot drinks?

All drinking straws are designed for cold or warm drinks; not hot.

Question: Are KonzaWare straws biodegradable?

Never again worry about your drinking straw polluting the world. These KonzaWare Earth straws meet the stringent disintegration demands of TUV AUSTRIA OK home COMPOST #S2587. Once they disintegrate, they leave no remaining microplastics.

KonzaWare straws also meet the stringent BPI COMPOSTABLE Cert#10529404.

Question: Are these straws industrial compostable?

Yes, they are also industrial compostable as well. But they do not need an industrial composting facility to breakdown since they are home compostable.

Question: How do KonzaWare Earth straws compare to other home compostable straws?

KonzaWare Earth home compostable drinking straws carry the same TUV AUSTRIA and BPI certification as other home compostable straws made of PHA and PHB material, but at a fraction of the cost. KonzaWare straws are clear in appearance and ductile, whereas the others are not clear and a bit brittle in comparison. See the comparison chart to learn more.

Question: How do KonzaWare Earth straws compare to compostable paper straws?

KonzaWare Earth straws are making paper straws obsolete. KonzaWare straws last for hours or days without falling apart. They have no texture or taste like those of paper straws.

Question: Do you offer samples of your home compostable straws?

Please provide us your information via the contact us form for home compostable straw samples.


Ordering Home Compostable Straws


Question: How do I order your home compostable straws?

You may order directly on our website. Click any link below to find each product order page:

Question: Can I purchase KonzaWare straws thru my local food service distributor?
Contact Us with your local distributor information and we will work with them to get you product.

Question: What credit cards to you accept for online payment?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards.

Question: Are my website orders secure?

Yes, your information is safe and secure with every order.

Question: My card is being declined. What should I do?

Please contact your credit card company and tell them you are trying to place an order with KonzaWare.com. Tell them that your order is not successfully being processed. They will be able to help you with the issue.

Question: What quantities are available when purchasing drinking straws?

We sell case packs in straw quantities of 600 to 3,000 straws per case.

Question: Can I buy bulk compostable drinking straws?

Yes you can. Each product order page has case pack quantities for your order.

Question: Do you sell wrapped home compostable drinking straws? Or are they unwrapped?

We sell unwrapped home compostable drinking straws.




How are straw orders shipped?

Products are shipped via FedEx. We provide you several rates during order checkout. The least expensive shipping is FedEx Ground.

Where do you ship from?

Orders are shipped from our Manhattan, KS, USA location.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all USA locations. If you are placing an order internationally, please contact us for shipping rates.

When will you ship my product after I order?

Orders are typically shipped within 2 business days. Order processing ends everyday at 2:00 PM Central time. Orders placed after 2:00 PM will be processed the next business day. KonzaWare.com is not be held liable for shipping delays caused by weather conditions.


Order Tracking


How do I track my straw order?

We will provide you tracking via email once your product has been shipped.

What happens if my product is damaged during shipment?

Once product has been delivered to the carrier, the carrier is responsible for any damage incurred in transit. If damaged merchandise is received, please contact the carrier who shipped the product immediately to file a claim. Thankfully, no customer has every received damaged product to date.


Return Policy, Refund Policy


What is your return policy?

Due to public health and safety concerns, we have a No Returns policy once the product has been shipped. Please contact us if you have an order issue.

What is your product refund policy?

If you find that you have received a defective product, please call us at (785) 341-2123. A representative will work with you to have the defective product returned at no charge. Otherwise, there are no refunds. Please Contact Us in advance of an order if you wish to discuss.

If you are wondering whether the product is right for you, please order a sample pack.