Biodegradable Plastic Drinking Straws 10″ Giant Clear Wrapped


Length: 10″
Color: Clear
Diameter: Giant, 0.29″ or 7mm
Wrap: Tissue wrapped straws
Comments: Tall Eco-friendly, Convenience Store Style Wrapped Giant Drinking Straws, Marine + Soil Biodegradable material.


Biodegradable Plastic Straws Giant Wrapped for Cold, Warm Drinks

C-Store Straws | Individually Wrapped | Wood Pulp Bioplastic | Disposable | Eco-Friendly

marine biodegradable drinking strawsKonzaWare Earth straws are the world’s most affordable biodegradable plastic straws on the market today.

Straws are ductile, clear in appearance and have the look and feel of regular plastic straws while being fully biodegradable and compostable.

At 10″ long, KonzaWare Giant straws are perfect for convenience stores, frozen drinks, smoothie shops, restaurants and coffee shops. These biodegradable plastic straws are both the affordable & preferred choice over PLA and PHA straws.

Priced like that of paper straws, they provide the superior sipping experience that consumers expect.


Product Specifications

Eco Straw Specifications

Length: 10″ (254 mm), Diameter: 0.28″ (7 mm), individually wrapped. This straw is often used to drink frozen drinks or sodas in glasses/cups 6″ to 9″ in height, 

Case Pack Specifications

Case Pack Specifications

Bulk Case: 1,800 straws/case @ (6) inner packs of (300) wrapped straws, 6.8 lbs, 18.5 × 11 × 11.5 inches.

Mini Bulk Case: 600 straws/case @ (2) inner packs of (300) wrapped straws, 2.5 lbs, 12 × 9 × 9 inches.


Biodegradable Plastic Straw Material

Marine Biodegradable + Soil Biodegradable certified material sourced from sustainable wood pulp.

home compostable straws, bpi certified straws


Home Compostability

The material is Marine Biodegradable per ASTM D6691. TUV AUSTRIA OK compost HOME #S2587 and Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) #10529404 certified. Straws can be discarded in a home compost environment where they will disintegrate in weeks with no remaining micro-plastics. They create a soil-friendly end-of-life compost for plants. 

biodegradable plastic straw disintegration sample


Strength, Durability

Straws are sturdy, yet ductile, never brittle. They will never fall apart in your lips or drink. They do not easily crack.


Low Cost

Similar in price to paper straws, KonzaWare straws are the most affordably priced home compostable drinking straws on the market today.



KonzaWare eco-friendly straws are made in North America. Contact Us for larger pallet or full truckload orders.

Safety & Health

Safety & Health

KonzaWare Earth straws do NOT contain PFAS, no heavy metals, nor plant toxicity. They are gluten-free. They have US FDA Clearance for Food Contact. Use with cold and warm beverages.

Environmental Impact

Biodegradable Straws Environmental Impact

KonzaWare Earth home compostable straws are made from sustainable wood pulp which breaks down in a composting environment; even in a marine environment. They are made of Marine and Soil Biodegradable material.

KonzaWare straws create a circular economy when micro-organisms eat the home compostable straw, thereby creating healthy soil for plant life. Replacing regular plastic or PLA straws with home compostable straws reduces the amount of plastic waste that goes into our landfills and oceans.

Your Impact

Your Impact

A portion of your purchase is used to plant trees, and provide university scholarships in sustainability.


Thanks for your help in saving the Earth one KonzaWare straw at a time.


Contact Us for questions related to Refund Policy. You can also view our Sustainability Statement.

payment for eco friendly straws

Additional information

Weight 6.8 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 11 × 11.5 in

1800, 600


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